Some inspiration for my Fine Arts class

I’m a fourth-year history of art major, yet I hadn’t taken a fine arts class until second semester of my senior year. Better late than never I guess! I can’t believe how challenging it’s been. I considered myself a “creative” person – I love reading fiction, I enjoy the occasional poetry, I’m a huge movie buff, I listen to lots of different kinds of music, and, of course, I love art.

Now I realize that I am a consumer of the creativity of others. Having been tasked to create my own original work has been difficult! Sometimes inspiration strikes and I have a concept for my project right away. Most of the time, I think for days or weeks and can’t come up with a fully-formed concept.

For our latest project in my fine arts class we have to create a wearable out of paper. I’ve been inspired by commercial fashion designers Ilya Plotnikov and Alexandra Zaharova (collectively known as Doberman Studio). They produced these amazing dresses, made entirely out of paper, for the July-August 2009 issue of L’Officiel French fashion magazine.







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